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Healthy Home:
Bleach kills germs without damaging the fabric.

Allergy Friendly:
Use hot water or bleach to kill dust mites and remove other allergens.

Great Value:
Fade-resistant color and durable fabric means less need to replace.

Aesthetic Environment:
Vibrant colors and a clean, fresh look for the life of the product.

Easy Care:
Simple stain removal with no bleach discoloration.

Fashion Appeal:
Rich colors retain their beauty and depth for the life of the towel.

v Stain-resistant.

v Resistant to bleach, chlorine bleach and peroxide.

v Germ and bacteria-free.

v Can be safely laundered in hot water or with chlorine bleach.

v Designed to resist fading or damaging in the wash.

v Lasts 50% longer than ordinary towels.

v Extremely high absorbency.

v Available in more than 100 vibrant colors and in all sizes.

v The MAGIC TOWEL process is NOT a coating and will last the life of the towel.

v Easily verified by a short and convincing demonstration test.

v Unlimited shelf-life.

v Don't require special storage conditions.

v MAGIC TOWEL has rapidly gained more than an 84% market share in Israel’s hair salon market.

v MAGIC TOWEL factories confirm to the highest International Standard of Operation ISO: 9002.

v  All the dyeing materials (dye-stuffs) are environmentally-friendly:
- Contain no Azo.
- Contain no aromatic amine.
- ISO:14000 certificated.
- Do not contain 23 arylamin substance which are carcinogenic.
- We are a member of ETAD (ecological and toxicological association pigments manufactures).
- Heavy-metal ion content of our dyestuffs complies with standards laid down by ETAD.

v MAGIC TOWEL® factories conform to the requirement of US and European authorities:
- Forced or prison labor not tolerated by our factories.
- Child labor not tolerated.
- Employees do not working excessive hours (defined as more than 72 hours per 6 days or more than a maximum of 14 hours per single day).




Fade resistant, Soft & absorbent, Sterile, 100% fine cotton and Last longer than other towels.

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